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New Chapters

I don’t even know where to begin… 2017 is done and maybe for the best.  There were many things that happened to me over the year but the one that will always be connected to that year will be the … Continue reading

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Tribute: Paddy Lawrence

It has been a whirlwind and maybe I have survived and maybe I didn’t, I guess time will tell. One thing is for sure I never want to go through that again.  The other thing that is sure is that … Continue reading

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Out of Reach

Space and time are great levellers. I arrived back recently from my visit to Winchester Writers Festival.  A focused, intense festival for all kinds of writers. Stepping through, what seemingly on the outside appeared like a normal pub door was … Continue reading

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A job by any other name

I am a writer. At what point does that claim become true? I was at a meeting this week and the discussion was around an article that needed to be written for the local press.   Someone turned to me and … Continue reading

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First and Last

“The room still smelt of sex and sweat.” It was such a great first line, but despite that fabulous start the rest of the story didn’t deliver.  I have rewritten it time and time again, with different protagonists, different themes … Continue reading

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Bah Humbug

It was maybe the best Christmas ever, certainly, if I don’t count the curry we had a few years ago when renting a cottage for the week, it was the best Christmas dinner I have had for a long time. … Continue reading

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Sprinkling the Magic -Story Snippet

This was a piece I was asked to write for a workshop. It was all a bit rushed but tries to capture the spooky season with a slightly different take. It was a large full moon that lit the starless … Continue reading

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Writing Fear

I call myself a writer and my own experiences should nurture my writing. Remembering to capture the physicality of emotion is not always a priority but over the last 24 hours I have suffered a full spectrum of fearful senses. … Continue reading

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I returned to my favourite week of the year; Swanwick. The trepidation never dissipates and the fear still accompanied me up the long driveway. Was I good enough? Who would remember me? Why was I pretending to be a writer? … Continue reading

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Hidden Support

As individuals we all go through diverse and unique experiences which collide together to create the characters we become, totally distinctive and unlike any other being. Leaving us feeling solitary and solo. Sometimes it is in the most crowded of … Continue reading

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