Dawn Chorus

Attempting to make it as a writer, whilst working full time, and being wife and mother to three boys.
Huge fan of both NANOWRIMO and Swanwick Writing School.

Out of Reach

Space and time are great levellers. I arrived back recently from my visit to Winchester Writers Festival.  A focused, intense festival for all kinds of writers. Stepping through, what seemingly on the outside appeared like a normal pub door was … Continue reading

A job by any other name

I am a writer. At what point does that claim become true? I was at a meeting this week and the discussion was around an article that needed to be written for the local press.   Someone turned to me and … Continue reading

First and Last

“The room still smelt of sex and sweat.” It was such a great first line, but despite that fabulous start the rest of the story didn’t deliver.  I have rewritten it time and time again, with different protagonists, different themes … Continue reading

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